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Frequently asked questions, also known as FAQ,  (and their answers) about Dance Valley festival are to be found here. All the information you need!


1.What is Dance Valley Festival?
Dance Valley Festival is one of the longest running day time dance festivals in the world. It’s location is recreational area Spaarnwoude, the Netherlands.

2.When does Dance Valley Festival take place?
Dance Valley 2020 will not take place beacuase of the worldwide coronacrisis. Teh next edition of Dance Valley will on Saturday 14 August 2021.

3.Where is Dance Valley Festival?
Dance Valley takes place in Spaarnwoude in the Velsen Valley.

4.What is the minimum age requirement for Dance Valley Festival?
The minimum age for visitors to Dance Valley Festival is 18. All visitors are obliged to carry valid proof of identity, which must be displayed on request.


1.What kinds of tickets are available for Dance Valley?
Check the available types of tickets here!

2. Where can I buy tickets for Dance Valley?
Tickets for Dance Valley are available at To avoid disappointment, only buy your tickets via the official sales channel. Beware of ticket touts and webshops! Each ticket has a unique barcode which can only be scanned once.

3. How does the flex ticket system work?
The earlier you buy your ticket, the cheaper it is. Tickets are available at

4. I bought a ticket, but now I can’t find it. What should I do?
See Tickets handles all our ticket sales. If you have lost your ticket, we would advise you to contact them at or at phone-number 0900-72956442.

7. My ticket has been stolen, what should I do?
The organisation cannot provide refunds for stolen tickets, so make sure you keep your ticket safe!

8. How will I receive my tickets?
As soon as you have paid, the tickets will be sent to the specified email address (for e-tickets) or to your phone (for mobile tickets).

9. Will tickets also be sold at the door?
If the festival is not sold out, tickets will also be sold at the door. If Dance Valley is sold out in advance, no additional tickets will be available at the door.

10. Can tickets also be scanned from a mobile phone?
Yes, it is possible to scan tickets from a mobile phone. However, as the internet connection is not always stable on the site, we would advise you to download your ticket to your phone in advance.

11. Can I change the name on my ticket in order to personalize it for someone else?

Through the ticket-transfer system you can change the name on your ticket if you would like to transfer your ticket. This gives it a completely new barcode. This is possible until about 24 hours before the festival through this link.

12.If I have any questions about my tickets, who should I contact?
Head over to or call Paylogic at: 0900-72956442


1. Are hotel packages also available?
More info soon.

2.Can I also come to Dance Valley by bus?
Yes, no problem. From Sloterdijk station, you can take the shuttle bus to the festival. You can also travel from your home town in the Netherlands with Event Travel:

3. I am coming from abroad, are special packages also available for this?
See 1 and 2.


1. Which artists will be appearing at Dance Valley?
Check it here!

2.What time will each of the artists be appearing?
The time-table will be released shortly before the festival and will then be communicated through all our online channels.

3.Which stages are there at Dance Valley Festival?
We offer a total of 8 stages, representing various musical genres. Mainstage, Hardstyle, Techno by TechnoV, Trance by Shine, Urban Eclectic, Crazyland, House by Metz and Club Ondersteboven by SLAM!


1. When will the gates of Dance Valley open?
The site gates will open at 12 o’clock at noon.

2. When will Dance Valley Festival end?
Dance Valley Festival ends at 11 pm.

3. What about parking at Dance Valley?
More information about parking is available here:

4. Are there any lockers at Dance Valley?
Yes, there are plenty of lockers on the festival site.

5. How do I pay for purchases at Dance Valley?
During the festival, you can pay with tokens. These can be purchased from the special token desks.

6. Can I take photos at Dance Valley?
You are allowed to bring your (digital) camera with you. Make sure you take a lot of photos and share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via #DanceValley. Professional photography and video equipment is not permitted on the site.

7. Can I bring my own food or drinks?
In case of a special diet or an allergy it is possible to bring own food/drinks, but that requires a doctor’s permit. Besides that, it’s not allowed to bring your own food/drinks to Dance Valley. We offer a wide range of food and drink at the festival.

8. Are drugs permitted during the festival?
At Dance Valley, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE drugs policy. Both hard and soft drugs are banned from the festival site.


1.Performing at Dance Valley Festival
We do not accept unsolicited requests from artists. If this policy changes, it will be announced on our website and via the social media channels.

2. I would like to sell items at the Dance Valley market, how does this work?
The Dance Valley market is exclusively contracted. We only sell Dance Valley merchandise. All the food is exclusively contracted out to Number One:


1. I would like to take photographs at Dance Valley Festival, is this possible?
For more press information, rights-free images or video material, please contact UDC , tel. 020 4936050, or email us at


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